The Natural Reserve of Vico

The two Municipalities surrounded by the protect area are Ronciglione and Caprarola.
Thanks to the beauty and the accessibility of the environments, the natural reserve represents a biodiversity oasis, but it also can be a quiet place for the outdoors activity, respecting the environment.
The Natural Reserve includes the entire lake basin with the typical horseshoe shape, as well as the surrounding mountain rage
The colours of the swamp and the numerous different trees, as the beech, the oaks, the hazelnut trees and the chestnut trees, make the environment a unique place, season after season.

The beech woods of the Mountains Venere and the Mountains Fogliano are very suggestive and they include centenary specimens with huge trunks.
The fauna is characterized by a rich biodiversity and it includes numerous species of fishes and mammals.

Part of the territory of the natural reserve is covered by hazelnut trees and chestnut trees, which represent the most primary resource of the area.
You can easily walk through the natural reserve thanks to the paths and to the roads where you can find car parks and rest areas.